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Business Intelligence in Azure


I'm sure that many people will be familiar with the story of the new GDPR regulations introducing new processes to their business. This case study shows how our data analytics and process automation expertise helped a customer meet their GDPR obligations and free up their staff time.

Our client is a SME that utilises an elastic workforce to cope with rapidly changing customer requirements. The HR system they use to manage this is a legacy application that has grown organically to meet their evolving requirements.

Unfortunately the project to add the new historical reporting requirements was late and over budget; to avoid breech of GDPR requirements their HR manager was manually tracking history in an excel document. Our client desperately needed an secure and automated process for tracking the changes to their staff profiles over time - We delivered a solution that paid for itself in freed up resources in only 3 months.


From our deep level of discussion with the client we understood two key data points that allowed us to succeed where other projects hadn't. Firstly the legacy nature of the existing HR system made significant changes extremely expensive and time consuming, and secondly it was possible to collect all the data needed from the legacy system with a manual process.

This lead us to suggest an innovative solution that utilised the existing feature set of the HR system and Microsoft Azure Cloud data analytics tooling. Marrying modern and legacy applications in this manner can extend the life and utility of existing software in much less time than otherwise possible.

Our solution takes Microsoft Excel exports from the HR system - stores them securely in the cloud - processes them to calculate full history - provides secure access to final reports.


Our solution was delivered within one month from project kick off and immediately started delivering on its value. The company was no longer at risk of breeching its GDPR obligations - but it extended the life of its legacy HR system and freed up resources of their HR manager.

Technical Details

We've shared some of the technical details over on our BLOG