Data Analytics

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Data Analytics

Buzzwords and jargon are all to common when speaking about data analysis, we believe that a simple clear process can cut through this and make the core features accessible to all businesses.

The process must always start with understanding your business and the problem space - Defining the project objectives from a business perspective is critical

From the defined objectives we enter a data discovery phase - This is where we uncover your data sources, start investigating data quality and get an initial feel for potential insights

We are now prepared to enter the data modelling phase - This is where we design appropriate models based on the data sources and the project objectives and build data pipelines to store this data

We can now start data evaluation stage - This is our feedback loop that ensures we meet the project objectives - The system will be rigourusly tested and the results verified to ensure confidence in the data models and backend processes

Once we are happy the project delivers on its objectives we can enter the deployment phase - Your solution is ready to start providing you real value against the project objectives. Your long term success is a priority for us and we will continue to provide support and feedback improved data models in face of changing data and business requirements.